Tacklite Photo Stick & Go 4.0

Our youngest development ist the Tacklite Photo Stick & Go 4.0. This product is perfect as a photo paper, which can adhese on all smooth surfaces, but not with a conventional glue. The adhesive medium is based on a synthetic-rubber, which makes it possible to remove Tacklite Photo Stick & Go 4.0 without any residues. You can put it on your fridge, cupboards, windows, tiles and many more.

Whether you are private user or a professional photographer – Tacklite is suitable for everybody! Easy usage on all inkjet printer. Available in DIN A4, DIN A3 and A3+ and in 4 x 6 inch (10 x 15cm) or on 17 inch roll. Tacklite has a semi-gloss ink receiving layer (top-coat), made of a high quality microporose coating.

Please take a look at the following product video:

So easy, awesome and diverse.

Any further Information can be found in the datasheet:

Tacklite Photo Stick & Go 4.0


Tacklite Stick & Go 4.0 is a unique photodprintmedia. It is suitable for the professional, as well as for the semi-professional photographer and for consumers to make very high quality photo-imaging.

Tacklite 4.0 Stick & Go has a semi-gloss ink receiving layer (top-coat), made of a high quality microporose coating. This coating enables the user to get a perfect image quality with a natural view of the image. It is absolutely authentic.

This photomedia is made of environmental neutral and friendly raw materials, such as paper (liner) and polypropylene film (printing-layer). The non-permanent adhering glue is made from a special synthetic rubber and is nonhazardous with food contact and not dangerous when used by children.

The coating layer is made in natural white without the use of optical brightener agents (OBA) to get a realistic imaging quality.

Tacklite Stick & Go 4.0 is compatible with all common inkjet Printers. This opens a wide range of applications for professionals and consumers.


Tacklite Stick & Go 4.0 can be used for:
Digitalprint applications for small- and large format printing
Art- and photo reproduction
Greeting- and postcards
Art- and photo protfolios
Advertising industry
Label application


Tacklite S&G 4.0 is compatible with Dye- und Pigmented-Inks.

Consumer Printer such as: HP, Canon, Epson or Lexmark, by performing / using Media up to 250 g/m².

100% compatible for Bubblejet- and Piezo Inkheads.